rui | attorneys is no stranger to complex and high-value litigation. We are proud our clients seek our counsel with their most difficult legal issues. We work closely with our clients to understand their issues, identify potential areas of legal exposure, and craft strategies to minimize risk, and, where appropriate, resolve disputes short of litigation. When litigation is required, we zealously advocate for our clients in court and jury trial, administrative review, or appeal.

Areas of Expertise:

♦ Arbitration

♦ Appellate Advocacy

♦ Bankruptcy – Chapters 7, 11, 12, 13.

♦ Business and Commercial Rights

♦ Creditor and Lender Rights

♦ Construction Disputes

♦  Corporate and Partnership Disputes

♦ Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution

♦ Estate, Probate & Trust Litigation

♦ Insurance Coverage Disputes

♦ Intellectual Property – Copyright Litigation, Trademark Trade Dress Litigation, Trade

♦ Secret Protection, Unfair Competition

♦ Real Estate – Contract, Leasing, Landlord/Tenant, Purchase & Sale, Broker & Agent Liability

♦ Premises Liability

♦ Taxation – Local, State, Federal, Audit, Appeals and Criminal

Business Planning

rui | attorneys is proud to be a first step consultant to a wide range of enterprises ranging from local small business to international corporations. We combine comprehensive legal advice with current market practices along with an intimate understanding of our clients’ industries, commercial cultures, markets, and technologies. Our services range from initial formation of a business, to active operations, resolution of management challenges, to merge & sale, or dissolution and exit.

Areas of Expertise:

♦ Choice and Formation of a Business Entity

♦ Formation Documents – Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement,

♦ Corporate By-Laws

♦ Corporate Documents – Non-Disclosure Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Buy-Sell Agreement, Employment Agreement

♦ Employment Law Compliance

♦ Tax Compliance

♦ Debt Collection and Debt Management

♦ Reorganization, Bankruptcy, Dissolution

Estate Planning

rui | attorneys is experienced in adroitly tailoring solutions for our clients in the highly personalized practice of estate planning. We offer comprehensive planning and tax solutions to design effective and efficient plans to meet our clients’ needs. We work to provide sophisticated advice to ensure that estate structuring is not only effective but also tax efficient in both a domestic and international context. Particularly, we are experienced in sophisticated planning for international persons and persons with diverse citizenship and residency. Lastly, we are experienced in not only planning but also estate litigation involving the appointment of conservators, executors, and trustees when there are issues of capacity, complexity, or mismanagement.

Areas of Expertise:

♦ Wills

♦ Revocable Living Trusts

♦ Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

♦ Special Needs Trusts

♦ Specialty Purpose Trusts (GRATs, QDOTs, IDGTs, etc.)

♦ Estate Tax Planning and DSUE Planning

♦ Trust Administration

♦ Probate Administration

♦ Durable Powers of Attorney

♦ Advanced Healthcare Directives

♦ Conservatorship & Guardianship


rui | attorneys gets the deal done. Structuring, documenting, and securing transactions ensures the bargain set in fair weather is the same as when the weather turns foul. We work with our clients and their counter parties to structure and facilitate transactions to maintain clear consummation of the deal, proper allocation of risk, and defined recourse upon default.

Areas of Expertise:

♦ Commercial Contract and Uniform Commercial Code

♦ Employer / Employee & Independent Contractor Relations

♦ Secured Transactions – Real and Personal Property

♦ Intellectual Property – Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret

♦ Real Estate – Landlord/Tenant, Commercial Leasing, Purchase & Sale, Investment

♦ Syndication and Fund Formation


rui | attorneys is committed to providing a personalized and zealous defense for our clients facing administrative, regulatory, or criminal matters. We represent individuals and business entities in all stages of matters from investigation to administrative hearing and trial. While we often achieve positive resolutions for our clients outside of court through early and assertive action, we have an equally strong track record of defending our clients through trial.

Areas of Expertise:

♦ White-Collar Criminal Defense – Fraud, Embezzlement, Contracting without a License,

♦ Expiration of License, Lack of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and others.

♦ Defense against a Professional Licensing or Regulatory Board –Contractor’s License Board, Board of Registered Nursing,

♦  Department of Alcoholic, Beverage and Control, and others.

♦ Taxation – Federal, State, Local, Audit, Appeals, Criminal.